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Bone Grafting

If you have suffered bone loss in the jaw, bone grafts can strengthen your jawbone and prevent further deterioration.

Dr. Matt Dillard in Charleston and Walterboro, SC, is the oral and maxillofacial surgeon many dentists turn to for complex grafting.

Learn how Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry uses bone grafting to overcome bone loss and preserve oral health.

What Is Bone Grafting?

In the field of dentistry, bone grafting is a technique that helps patients restore lost bone in the jaw. Grafts can prevent tooth loss, create a solid foundation for dental implants, or rebuild a jawbone worn down by dentures.

Dr. Dillard at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry uses graft material to create a scaffold that allows new bone to grow and eventually replace the graft.

While the word “grafting” sounds intimidating, Dr. Dillard takes care to make the treatment comfortable as well as effective. Using the latest technology, such as cone beam scanners, he can assess the density of your jawbone and identify nearby structures, such as the sinuses, to ensure the treatment achieves the desired results.

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Bone grafts help prevent long-term health problems caused by bone loss in the jaw. Adding bone mass to the jaw can also help you qualify for dental implants, the only tooth restoration that features an artificial tooth root that encourages long-term bone growth in the jaw.

Dr. Dillard at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry uses a 3D cone beam CT scanner to assess bone density in your mouth and plan your procedure. These advanced tools allow him to ensure your oral surgery is both safe and effective. Dr. Dillard also has advanced training in anesthesia techniques so that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

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Aimar McQueeney


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Dr. Dillard and staff are really great! I have had headaches that caused more discomfort than this tooth extraction. I needed a baby tooth that was fused to the bone jawbone removed for a dental implant. I have had no bruising, discomfort or complications. I recommend Dr. Dillard to anyone who needs major or extensive dental surgery.

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Kasi Edwards (Kasi)


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THANK YOU DR DILLARD!! I had wisdom teeth removal and the experience with him and his staff was awesome!! They made me comfortable and I felt well taken care of!! I had to revisit the office today as a follow up. Again the service was consistently at a level of excellence! HIS ASSISTANT was amazing as well and I am appreciative!!

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Rebuild Missing Bone for Dental Implants

Patients considering dental implants need a certain amount of bone tissue in their jaw for successful treatment. Those who have lived with tooth loss for some time can benefit from a bone graft at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry in Charleston and Walterboro, SC. With bone grafting, Dr. Matt Dillard can improve jawbone density as part of a comprehensive dental implant treatment plan.

Looking to Qualify for Dental Implants? Bone Grafting Offers a Solution

Dental implants are dentistry's preferred method to replace missing teeth. Implants are small posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone and are used to support a variety of restorations, from a single tooth to full dentures. In addition to securely holding a restoration in place, they also fulfill the role of a tooth root by encouraging regenerative bone growth.

Unfortunately, people may not qualify for implants if their jawbone has deteriorated. Fortunately, our practices in Charleston and Walterboro offer bone grafts and give patients a second chance for a secure, natural-looking smile.

Grafting will add time to an implant procedure since it takes several months for a graft to add bone mass to the jaw. However, patients consider the long-term benefits well worth the wait.

Types of Bone Grafts

Illustration of socket preservation

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation is a preventative measure used when a tooth is extracted. Immediately after extraction, bone grafting material will be placed in the socket to encourage new bone growth and prevent the sides of the socket from caving in.

Illustration of ridge augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

The jawbone can become thinner in people who have been missing teeth for a long time. A ridge augmentation increases the width and volume of the jawbone. It is often used to provide a stable footing for dental implants.

Illustration of the sinus lift

Sinus Lift

When upper back teeth are lost, the sinuses can drop down into the now vacant space. With a sinus lift, Dr. Dillard carefully lifts the sinuses and places a bone graft underneath, creating a solid foundation for a dental implant later.

Illustration of periodontal bone graft

Periodontal Bone Graft

If gum disease has loosened a tooth and you risk losing it, a periodontal bone graft will be placed around it. This step reduces movement and provides support while encouraging new bone growth for long-term support of the tooth.

What Are Dental Grafts Made From?

Human Bone

Grafts can come from your own body or a donor cadaver. Grafts taken from a donor are sterilized and can be safely used without risking your health.

Animal Bone

Bone grafts can also be created using sterilized animal bone. This type of graft is called a xenograft and can be made using a cow, pig, or even coral.

Synthetic Material

Alloplasts are grafts made from synthetic material. Like traditional grafts, alloplasts create a scaffold that allows natural bone to grow and replace it.

Dental Graft Treatment Timeline

Dr. Dillard has advanced training in sedation.
Dr. Dillard has advanced training in sedation.


The first step is to administer anesthesia so you will be comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Dillard also offers sedation options for patients concerned about oral surgery.


Small incisions will be made in the gums so the bone can be accessed for treatment.


Placement of the grafting material will depend on the procedure needed for your situation. Dr. Dillard will explain the procedure during your consultation so you will know what to expect.

Closing the Incisions

The gums will be returned to their natural positions and secured with sutures.

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John Buddin


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Professional staff, very friendly and informative. Dr Dillard is very competent and involved in the healing process and my comfort. Not looking forward to implant surgery but wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Chris DiGiandomenico


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Dillard and all staff are personable and professional. Doc even called to check on me after implants. Highly recommend.

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Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry

Dr. Matt Dillard is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon dedicated to your health and well being. He is highly trained in the diagnosing and treating oral health issues of the jaw, mouth, teeth, and face and performs procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and bone grafting at his state-of-the-art practices in Charleston and Walterboro, SC. He also offers emergency dentistry and affordable financing through CareCredit.

Affiliations include:

  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • American Dental Association

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