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Tooth Extraction

When decay, trauma, or crowding overwhelms a tooth, sometimes an extraction is the best choice to restore your oral health.

Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry in Charleston and Walterboro, SC, makes tooth extraction quick and painless.

Learn how our board-certified oral surgeon, Matt Dillard, makes your health and comfort his top priorities.

Protect Your Smile with Tooth Extraction

Whether you have a cracked tooth, extensive dental decay, or wisdom teeth that need to be removed, Dr. Matt Dillard can help. Single tooth extractions can generally be performed the same day as a consultation. Dr. Dillard offers sedation options at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry to help patients relax and experience a comfortable extraction.

"I've had headaches more painful than my extraction." Hear from Our Patients


Stephanie Cruz


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They were amazing from the start. I needed to get my both bottom wisdom teeth extracted. The whole staff was very kind to me from the front desk ladies to the nurses and doctor. The day of my procedure I was a nervous wreck, I honestly have a big fear of dental work. But the nurses were comforting me and one gave me a hug. I just felt more at ease in their care.

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Aimar McQueeney


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Dr. Dillard and staff are really great! I have had headaches that caused more discomfort than this tooth extraction. I needed a baby tooth that was fused to the bone jawbone removed for a dental implant. I have had no bruising, discomfort or complications. I recommend Dr. Dillard to anyone who needs major or extensive dental surgery...

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Damaged or problematic teeth will not get better on their own. If you have suffered a dental trauma or are in pain and need a tooth extraction, it's wise to take care of the issue promptly. Timely action will allow you to focus on improving your dental health.

Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry, with offices in Charleston and Walterboro, SC, has an experienced and compassionate team of specialists. We use the latest in dental technology, such as digital x-rays and 3-D cone beam CT scans, to provide top-tier dental care effectively and comfortably.

Unlike typical dentists, Dr. Dillard is a skilled, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is trained to perform complex dental procedures and, in addition to removing a tooth, has the advanced dentistry skills to restore the missing tooth and rebuild your smile so you can move forward with your life. Email our office or call us to get started:

(843) 782-6725

Dr. Matt Dillard
Dr. Dillard has offices in Charleston (above) and Walterboro.

Gentle Tooth Extraction

Dr. Dillard at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry in Charleston and Walterboro, SC, uses the latest dentistry techniques and technology to make extraction safe and effective. His gentle techniques will put you on the path to better oral health and put discomfort behind you.
Our trusted oral surgeon deftly handles both simple and complex extractions, such as impacted teeth.
Our trusted oral surgeon deftly handles both simple and complex extractions, such as impacted teeth.


Dr. Dillard will first determine if extraction is absolutely necessary. He may use advanced imaging technology to see the tooth structure beneath the gums and identify any other issues that could complicate the procedure, such as nearby nerves that need to be protected.

Administer Anesthesia

Before the extraction, Dr. Dillard will use anesthesia to carefully numb the treatment area. We also offer sedation for patients who want a higher level of relaxation or for those who have difficulty sitting for long periods.

Loosening the Tooth

In many cases, the tooth can be gently loosened and removed. For more complex cases, the doctor may need to make small incisions in the gum and bone tissue to release the tooth from the socket. He may also break up the tooth so it can be removed in pieces.

Socket Preservation

Unless you are having wisdom teeth removed, we generally recommend socket preservation after a tooth is removed. This is a simple type of bone grafting that encourages bone growth in the socket and helps preserve the alveolar ridge. If you are planning on replacing the tooth using a dental implant, socket preservation helps ensure you have the necessary bone density.

Closing the Treatment Site

If needed, sutures will be placed over the tooth socket to encourage healing and minimize bleeding. However, many people simply need to gently bite down on a piece of sterile gauze to slow the bleeding and help a blood clot form. Bleeding is typically minimal after an extraction.

Ready to Restore Your Oral Health?

"I cannot say enough good things." More Glowing Reviews


MissShoRight Shosho


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Excellent customer service! I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed here at once. They explained the entire procedure to me before I decided to go ahead and have the surgery. The staff was extremely professional and made sure that I was comfortable the entire time. I would recommend this office to anyone! I was also impressed with how clean the office and operating room was!

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Magenta Kline


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I can not say enough good things about this office and Dr. Dillard! I was going to have to wait two weeks just to get an appointment at all of the other oral surgeons in town, but Dr. Dillard's office got me in super quickly and they were extremely nice! I will be recommending them everyone I know!

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Restore Your Smile after an Extraction

There are many options to replace a missing tooth, but dental implants offer the most complete tooth restoration available.

A dental implant is a small post that is inserted into the jaw. After the implant has fused with the bone, it is paired with a tooth-shaped restoration to fully restore the tooth's structure, from root to crown.

No other tooth restoration includes the root, which is the essential part that sends signals to the jaw to replenish the bone. Without this stimulation, the bone will deteriorate, weakening the tooth socket and jaw. Unlike many dentists, Dr. Dillard has extensive training in the highly technique-sensitive field of implant dentistry.

Implant in model of jaw

A Closer Look at Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant Placement

dr. dillard

Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry

Dr. Matt Dillard is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon dedicated to your health and well being. He is highly trained in the diagnosing and treating oral health issues of the jaw, mouth, teeth, and face and performs procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and bone grafting at his state-of-the-art practices in Charleston and Walterboro, SC.  He also offers emergency dentistry and affordable financing through CareCredit.

Affiliations include:

  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • American Dental Association

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dillard use our simple online form or call us anytime at (843) 782-6725. We look forward to meeting your smile.

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