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Patients considering dental implants need a certain amount of bone tissue in their jaw for successful treatment. Those who have lived with tooth loss for some time can benefit from a bone graft at Oral & Implant Surgery of the Lowcountry in Charleston and Walterboro, SC. With bone grafting, Dr. Matt Dillard can improve jawbone density as part of a comprehensive dental implant treatment plan.

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Bone grafts are procedures done to reconstruct missing bone in the jaw in order to place a dental implant. Implants require a certain amount of bone to be available to keep them covered up, protected from the oral environment, and provide stability to them. We can do something called a bone graft to rebuild that bone, so then we can come back and then place an implant a little later. We typically use bone that comes in a jar, and it's had all the organic portion removed, and it's really just the mineral part of the bone. And the patient's own bone cells use that as a matrix to then create the patient's own bone. Sometimes if the graft isn't too large, or there's not that much bone missing, we can actually place a dental implant and graft at the same time. But sometimes in patients who are missing multiple teeth and we're trying to place multiple implants, or if they have a lot of severe bone loss, those grafts will be larger. And there will be a little bit more swelling. We have to manipulate the tissue a little bit more. The initial recovery period is a little prolonged, a few days, just simply because of the complexity and the larger size. The overall healing time you find doesn't change a whole lot.

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Dr. Matt Dillard is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon dedicated to your health and well being. He is highly trained in the diagnosing and treating oral health issues of the jaw, mouth, teeth, and face and performs procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and bone grafting at his state-of-the-art practices in Charleston and Walterboro, SC. He also offers emergency dentistry and affordable financing through CareCredit.

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  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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